WALT write a moment in time

Moment in time

I heard people scream for their lives
as tentacles whacked the beaches!!!

I saw my life flash
before my eyes because of the kraken

I tasted salty water as I tried to swim
away from the kraken but I failed

I felt a slimy tentacle whack
my face on the glitter beautiful beach

I wondered, are all this people coming to an end.


The bullet is a comic / graphic novel. I know this because it has speech bubbles and loads of squares and rectangles with small sections of words. I also know it is a recount. A recount is telling someone about something; give an account of an event or experience.
E.g ''I recounted the tale to Oliver''

I have learnt how to do text types

text types are any pieces of writing that you read or create. This can be anything from novels, newspaper reports and textbooks to recipes, movie reviews and game instructions. A text types scaffold is a simple framework that helps you to construct and create a piece of writing.
My next learning step is to know what the words mean before I say it


 At dance I enjoyed the the cha cha.

I have been challenged by the hip hop cross turn because i always turned the wrong way.

I have surprised myself by some of the moves at first I thought I was horrible but I'm really good at it

I learnt all the dances 

I found out I was a good dancer

I would now like to do acting