Writing Term 4

I am learning to: write a description of an animal.

What I need is: 
Describing words
What the animal is
What the animal looks like
What the animal does

Gerald the giraffe is great at dancing .He has brown spots and yellow skin. He is amazing. Gerald has four legs. Gerald's hooves go swish, swish and his tail goes smack -wack. He did a somersault in the air.

Written and typed by Jasper Robinson

Discovery Term 4

We are learning to engage in positive relationships with others and focus on developing the key competencies:
Managing self
Using language, symbols and text
Participating and contributing 
Relating to others

Student response from a discovery session: I coloured in Leonardo a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I had to take care to not go out of the lines. This is active thinking.

CARE Term 4

Student response: I show Excellence when I stay on task.

Dance Term 4

We are learning to: express ourselves creatively through dance.

To be successful we need to:
  • Learn the specific steps to the dance
  • Keep in time to the music
  • Follow instructions
  • Try our best

Click on the link below of Room 21 and 2 practising together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wj-Pu1_gsk&safe=active

Music Term 4

We are learning to: recognise different sections of music and respond through singing, moving, playing and creating.

To be successful we need to:
  • Listen carefully to the music
  • Move as directed by the words in the song
  • Sing as we move

Click on the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgQ1_GEC8ZM